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Video Tape Repair Services - USA & Canada Video tape repair Service for the USA and Canada

Tape Repairs Just $59.95 - All types of video can be repaired - MiniDV - VHS - HI8 - Betamax - VHS-C - Video8 - HDV - MicroMV - BetacamSP - BetacamSX etc - Snapped Tapes Spliced - Cracked Cases Replaced.

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All types of video tape repaired and returned with a second copy on VHS or DVD Just $59.95  +  $6.75 shipping, we also guarantee to get some or all of your footage back or your money back!

If we are unable to repair your tape we will return it to you at our expense with your cheque un-cashed. So you have nothing to loose, Just post your tapes to us and get back that video! All types of Audio tapes also repaired and converted to CD for $59.95 too!


As you are looking at this page I assume you have discovered for yourself that video tapes are very fragile and prone to breaking. We have been repairing video and audio tapes since the 1980's and have repaired all sorts of damaged tapes, from tapes that have simply been dropped to ones that have been eaten by dogs. Also from the kids getting their hands on the tapes to the most common one of all, the tape getting chewed up inside the VCR!

All Video and Audio formats are repaired transferred to DVD or VHS as standard for the same simple fee!.

damaged Video tape repair Video to dvd


Our standard fee covers everything from a snapped tape to a completely smashed up tape. As we fix 99% of the cassettes we receive you can be confident your video footage is not lost! Indeed we have astonished many of our customers who thought they had lost a precious recording forever with our fast replacements.

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Mini DV

Audio Tapes & Micro Cassettes







Whatever the cause, if your broken video cassette can be saved, we are here to repair it for you.  Our video tape repair service includes a new copy onto  VHS or DVD as standard. This is because once your tape has been repaired it is best to transfer the contents over to a new medium so the problem cassette does not get used again.



Please use the buy now button above to pay online now by credit or debit card. Then just include your payment reference on our order form and post this with your tapes. You can also just send the tapes for evaluation and we will contact you via email when your tape is repaired for you to pay online. 

In the unlikely event we are unable to repair your tape we will return it to you at our expense and return your credit card payment, so you have nothing to loose. Also as we keep a stock of spare parts for all types of video tapes we normally turnaround your repair very quickly and have it back to you within a 28 days!

Email with your questions or simply post your tapes to:
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USA & Canada call USA (631) 696 6490 International Dial UK: 00 44 141 588 0745

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